Reward System

Yellow Stripe Note

Celebrating personal victories is a wonderful tradition we cherish. This note, completed by our supportive parents with their child's most recent achievement, highlights the remarkable growth of our students. When presented to their instructor, it becomes a badge of honor, earning their child the Yellow stripe.

Intent to Graduate

Martial arts embodies far more than just punching and kicking. This form serves as a tool between parents and school teachers, designed to showcase the progress your child is making both at home and at school. Turning it into your child's instructor better helps them understand how to help your child become a black belt leader. 


Belt Graduation Dates & Times

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Class Times

July Event Schedule

  • July 4 @ 10a

    Portage 4th of July Parade!

  • July 4-6

    Closed for Independence Day - No Classes

  • July 15-19 @ 9a-12p

    Summer Camp for Ages 6-12 at Valpo Location!

  • July 20 @ 12p

    Southlake Intraschool Tournament at Valpo Location!

  • July 27 @ 2:30p

    Porter County Fair Demo!

Student and Parent Guidelines

Students are not allowed to take class without proper uniform. No gum or shoes on the practice floor. All gear and uniforms used in class must be purchased from Southlake Martial Arts.

For the safety and concern of our students, we ask that you please do not bring your child to class if they are showing signs of contagious illness.
Students should be free of illness for 24 hours before returning to the class.


To help students focus for class and for the instructor to properly partner them, please arrive 15 minutes early. While in the sitting area we ask for students and families to be respectful of other classes in progress and keep noise and disruptions to a minimum. We also ask for all phone calls to be taken outside during class times. Cheering is welcomed but coaching is not while students are in class. If a student is acting disruptive in class, they will be asked to sit out.


Belt ceremonies are held once every two months and are a great way for families to reward their child for improving in class, school and at home! No classes are held during belt ceremonies. Please feel free to come to extra classes the week before or after.