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Teen/Adult Program

For teens and adults our program takes a non-traditional approach to learning martial arts and consists of being able to learn and practice “at your own pace”. Our teen and adult Taekwondo classes are designed to give you a great workout to help to stay in shape. At our school you will experience a fun way to learn how to defend yourself and relieve stress every time you hit a target.

18 and Up Special!

Starting at $49 per month Unlimited Classes!

By joining at your Trial Class you'll receive 20% OFF
your T-Shirt, Joggers and Gloves!


*This special rate is only for Teen and Adult classes.
All other classes are not included.

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Parents of Southlake Martial Students Receive Classes for FREE!

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Self Defense

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Physical Fitness

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Stress Relief

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Improved Flexibility

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Positive Environment

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The country's largest martial arts organization.

130,000 active members & over 1 million students trained since 1969.

Each instructor has passsed an intensive certification process based on 40 years of tradition, research & development.

Fit Pointe

Our sister club Fit Pointe is a 24/7 gym with everything you need to stay in shape including personal trainers. SLMA parents and students ages 18 and up get a discount on Fit Pointe memberships! Please feel free to ask for a tour of the gym.

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